Thinking Outside the Box

“This was industrial policy, and it worked because it brought all of the players in the innovation game together, disciplined them by providing strategic, long-term focus for their activities, and shielded them from the market rationality that would have doomed almost every crazy, over-expensive idea that today makes the world go round.” — Daniel Sarewitz

In Sarewitz’s paper, “Saving Science”, he talks about the amount of work that the department of defense performed in withholding our technological advancements. Without their dedication in supporting the scientists and inventors, technological advancements would not be what they are today.

This quote, along with the entire passage about the impact of the Department of Defense on science and technology is outstanding. With so many setbacks through finances and irrational decisions, perseverance has helped the technological advancements soar to unthinkable levels. The technology in the sky looking down on us, the technology in our production industries, and the technology involved in every-day-life goes unseen in so many ways. It is very interesting to me when thinking about how different our life would be without the organization and perseverance of the complex military systems. If they did not face the technological challenges, we may not even be here after the diverse military battles and encounters. The advanced technology has saved countless lives within the military systems and outside of the military system. With support from the department of defense, all scientists, inventors, or entrepreneurs were able to combine forces to promote a larger goal in helping pave the path to our future.

The main question that comes to mind after hearing of the department of defense dedication is, what would our world be like today without their persistence and protection of technological advancements? If they would have given up on the expensive research or irrational ideas, we could be living in a different world. We could be living under different rules with no freedom, or we could be living in ancient times with an ox and plow. Every step forward and fall back has a purpose, whether we see it or not. We would not be where we are today without our ancestor’s dedication.




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Chad Kinaman

Chad Kinaman

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